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Como preparar sua área de marketing para superar a concorrência
Published on 11/07/2023 at 07:05 pm, from:
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In a constantly evolving world, marketing areas face the ongoing challenge of staying updated and ready to face the competition. Digital transformation, once seen as a trend, has become an undeniable necessity to ensure sustainable growth. Companies that adapt quickly are the ones that stand out in the market. In this scenario, centralization and the right strategy are crucial to ensure that the marketing area not only survives but thrives.

Centralization is the Key

In recent years, many CMOs have opted to centralize their marketing areas. This centralization aims to solve operational problems and strengthen teams. Centralization provides a unified vision, enabling more agile and aligned decision-making. However, it is essential that this structure be adapted to the specific needs of each company, ensuring that centralization does not become an obstacle but rather a tool for empowerment.

Centralization offers control and operational efficiency. In a rapidly changing business environment, having a centralized marketing area can be the key to responding quickly to market demands. However, it is crucial that the structure follows the strategy. Each decision made must be aligned with the company’s overall objectives. Furthermore, centralization should be seen as a way to optimize resources and ensure that the marketing area is always one step ahead.

Talent Challenges and Team Growth

The current scenario presents significant challenges in talent retention. Customer journeys are becoming more complex, requiring a multifaceted approach. This means that the marketing area needs a variety of skills to meet these demands. Despite the challenges, many CMOs are expanding their teams, showing a remarkable ability to adapt and resilience. However, it is essential that this expansion be done strategically, ensuring that each new member adds value to the team.

Recommended Actions for CMOs

  • Benchmarking: It is essential to compare the current structure of the company with its peers in the market. This helps identify areas for improvement and growth opportunities.
  • Reevaluation: Were the changes made last year effective? It is vital to regularly revisit the structure and processes to ensure they meet the current needs of the company.
  • Consolidation: Combining similar functions can increase efficiency. This can also promote collaboration, leading to more innovative solutions.
  • Responsibility Assessment: Determine which responsibilities are unique to marketing and which can be shared or delegated. This helps ensure that each function is aligned with the company's overall objectives.
  • When considering all these actions and strategies, it becomes clear that the marketing area is more than just a function within a company. It is the pulsating heart that drives innovation, strategy, and ultimately, success.

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