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Rodrigo Neves

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Founder and CEO of VitaminaWeb. Entrepreneur, investor, consultant, and professor in matters related to Technology and Digital Marketing. Holds a postgraduate degree in Technology Management from FIAP and a Bachelor's degree in Information Systems with an emphasis on Strategic Planning from Mackenzie University.

The year 2024 has already begun, check out the 4 trends to evolve digital maturity in 2024 and discover valuable insights.

A deep dive into companies that stood out by achieving digital maturity, understanding their strategies, challenges, and achieved outcomes.

Explore how emerging technologies are shaping the future of digital transformation, providing unprecedented opportunities and defining the next wave of innovation in business.

Understand why organizational culture is a key piece for companies wishing to thrive in the digital age and how it can either drive or hinder digital transformation initiatives.

Discover how open innovation, through strategic partnerships, can accelerate the digital maturity of companies and boost their innovation capacity in today’s market.

Explore the fundamental differences between Digital Transformation and Digitization and understand why it is crucial to distinguish these two concepts in the business world.

Discover the concept of Digital Maturity, its importance, and why 21st-century businesses need to adopt this approach to stay competitive.

Discover how Brazilian MPEs are advancing in digital maturity in 2023 with insights from Rodrigo Neves, CEO of VitaminaWeb and founder of Jurnly, through the analysis of the ABDI research published by TI Inside. Understand the stages of digital evolution and learn how the Jurnly CDE model can guide companies on the path to digital innovation.